Rooster’s Chicken & Waffles is Now Offering a New Franchise Opportunity!

Hartford, CT December 2023 - Rooster’s Chicken & Waffles, the beloved fried chicken and waffles restaurant, is excited to announce its foray into the franchise industry, offering a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to join the successful Rooster’s family. With an enticing menu that features a delectable assortment of mouthwatering offerings, including sandwiches, wings, nuggets, waffles, Twist fries, String fries, Mac ‘n Cheese bites, and Pikliz, Rooster’s has captivated food lovers since its inception. The restaurant's signature fusion of crispy, succulent chicken and delectable waffles has gained a devoted following, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

“Food was amazing and the customer service was something special. I love the customer service I was giving and appreciate the presentation of my food. Wings and Waffles were delicious, the garlic parm wings are to die for. The buffalo wings were amazing, everything was just delicious. I will definitely come back with my family.” - Ernesto Crespo (Google Reviews)

The fried chicken and waffles industry has proven to be a thriving segment of the food industry, and Rooster’s stands out as a leader with a proven track record of success. According to industry reports, the fried chicken market has been experiencing steady growth, with a substantial increase in demand for unique dining experiences. Waffles, on the other hand, have transitioned from being solely a breakfast option to a versatile anytime indulgence. This convergence of culinary trends makes Rooster’s Chicken & Waffles an attractive proposition for potential franchisees.

Rooster’s Chicken & Waffles has experienced overwhelming love and support from customers over the years. Now they hope to spread the goodness of Rooster’s to new communities by offering franchising opportunities. Partnering with passionate and driven entrepreneurs can elevate Rooster’s to new heights and satisfy even more taste buds.

Rooster’s Chicken & Waffles invites passionate entrepreneurs to join their franchising family and be a part of the finger-licking goodness that has delighted countless palates. As the brand expands its footprint, Rooster’s is confident that its franchisees will play a vital role in bringing the savory experience of crispy chicken and fluffy waffles to new communities. For more information about franchising opportunities with Rooster’s Chicken & Waffles, interested entrepreneurs can contact us at

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